About Symptomlogy

Symptomology.Net is a private effort in a development phase. I am taking beta testers at this time. If you are interested in helping this effort, SIGN UP then send email to Beta Program

Symptomology is a system being designed to help journal observations about symptoms and treatments in the life of a person with an invisible condition. The hope is that, in finding a way to make these symptoms and perhaps unusual treatments visible may be as useful as imaging. 

Symptomology.net does not claim to support HIPPA requirments.

Symptomology.Net is a creative project for journaling. There is no medical advice in this system at all. User data is not shared, period. 

Development of Symptomology.Net is ongoing. If you are interested in helping with my mission. I am interested in organizational help, front end expertise,  Blazor expertise, Mobile development and AI potentials in helping to diagnose a patient as a result of their journaling.  


Sympomology3 v1.0.0

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